Check out my social media and be free to contact me.
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introducing myself

My name is Michel Maat, a Dutch photographer, videomaker and  CEO of Cafe Obscura. Check out my social media and be free to contact me.

2006-Present photographer

Usually sites, blogs and social media are full of long text stories, and little to no photo Images? I want to turn it around and make storys in images instead of to much text! This means that I will tell a story about an event, brand, entrepreneur or other persons in a 20 to 30 photo serie. With here and there some “quotes” and sentences about their passion, experiences and other statements. So you get a very visual story which is more of this time… Also called Visual Storytelling. Since I am a visual thinker myself, I thought that would make more sence. 😉

2013-Present ceo CAFE OBSCURA

I also like to work on my company cafeobscura where you can meet other image makers and can expand and apply your photography knowledge online through instructional videos, photo assignments and personal coaching.

2014-Present videographer

Video is also an option to put yourself or your company in the picture. So if you prefer to be in a motion picture instead of standing still in a photo, we can also make a video with you and your services or company in the main role.

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